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Individual Healing Sessions


Whether suffering from physical, emotional, mental issues or even from trauma, the individual healing sessions are designed to highlight and address the underlying dynamics of those issues and to bring back "dissociated parts", for example after trauma, through shamanic journeying and soul retrievals, a shamanic technique.  The sessions are usually completed by settling the system with a gentle energy healing finish.

House/Land Clearing Sessions


Where you live can greatly affect how you feel in your environment and whether you thrive.  The environment is often not considered when seeking help for issues experienced with wellbeing and health.  I first understood the significance of this when in veterinary practice and seeing clients and pets share the same disease patterns.  Having experience in complex land clearing projects, I am still amazed at just how much clearing a house/site adds to the quality of life of those affected.

Coaching/Teaching Session


If you have a spiritual focus in life, beyond the physical, emotional and especially beyond mind, having travelled the path I didn't give up until I found the people who could help me forward. Having experienced a significant shift in my own spiritual life in 2016 and feeling how it's shaping my life, I now offer coaching services to those individuals whose seeking is intense and are in need of someone to walk with them in their seeking.

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