Ark Healing Services

Individual Healing Sessions


Whether suffering from physical, emotional, mental issues or even from trauma/PTSD, "feeling lost in life" without an apparent purpose, the individual healing sessions are designed to highlight and address the underlying aspects of those issues and to bring back "dissociated parts", (for example as a result of trauma) through shamanic journeying and soul retrievals, a shamanic technique.  

The sessions are usually completed with gentle energy healing.  

Even though I have stopped working as a veterinary surgeon, I offer healing sessions for pets in a similar way as I work with people.

House/Land Clearing Sessions


Where you live can greatly affect how you feel in your environment and whether you thrive.  The environment is often not considered when seeking help for issues experienced with wellbeing and health.  

I first understood the significance of this when in veterinary practice and seeing clients and pets share the same disease patterns.  

Having experience in complex land clearing projects, I am still amazed at just how much clearing a house/site adds to the quality of life of those affected.

Group Sessions


All groups start in October 2019. The three groups are held on a monthly basis on Saturdays.  

All groups are being held online only at this point.

For those clients who are wanting to deepen their meditation practice and tame that "monkey mind",  online group sessions are now offered monthly.  

During those sessions, the intent will be held for healing/removal of blocks to your spiritual practice. 

Aside from a meditation group, the other groups are ShamYoga and Teachings.

Calendar of Ark Healing Classes

All Ark Healing Classes are held online on Saturdays.  To attend the classes, a good internet connection is required and access to Zoom (free).  Class fees are shown further down this page.  For scheduling, please see the home page.

"Set out on the journey of the Soul.

Let every step be its own reward.

Let discernment be the warrior's sword.

Let Sacred Love be your only goal."

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