T.W. Leeds (UK)

"I had suffered from long term lower back problems.  Nathalie Declunder came to my attention for Healing and Acupuncture.  It was a pleasant and relaxing experience.  She made me feel at ease on arrival as I was unsure what was going to happen.

After the first session I felt a soothing sensation in the lower back, which was noticeable.  Session two, a week later, was the same and a couple of days after that no pain was felt!  I have felt no pain in the last 12 months.  

Doctors had put me on 6 different pain tablets which just masked the problem (bulged disc lower back) and advise physio.  This didn't help.  I would recommend Ark Healing to anyone experiencing chronic pain.  It certainly helped me - I would have Healing and Acupuncture again."

L.H. Bradford (UK)

"I have known Nathalie in a professional capacity for several years and I would like to thank her for all the work that she has undertaken.

Nathalie has a professional, ethical approach to her work.  She creates a safe environment for healing and personal spiritual growth.

She is a Healer who is innovative, intuitive and has integrity.  She is an inspiration.

I have learned so much and she is enabling me to deepen my awareness on so many different levels.  I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey."

A.H. Beverley (UK)

"I first connected with Nathalie Declunder after a referral from a healer in Hebden Bridge.  I had been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid at the time and the medical profession had advised a hysterectomy.  I didn't want that at the time and looked for a healer instead.

We worked in the healing sessions on reducing the size of the fibroid.  On a repeat ultrasound scan, it was shown that the fibroid had reduced significantly and I never had the surgery.  It has been long-lasting.

I feel I look after myself more, I am more positive. I pace myself more, enjoying life with  more fulfilment." 

P.N. (UK)

"I was attracted to see Nathalie after reading the Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.  Also my friend Angela had recommended her after receiving effective treatment.  It was apparent to me at the initial appointment that she has some special healing gifts and capabilities.  For example I have had severe facial pain for years and "normal" medical practitioners have never been able to find anything wrong.  However Nathalie could "see" the pain immediately and I have had much less discomfort since being treated by her.  

The biggest issue for me personally is trust.  I have always found it hard to put myself in others hands.  I have felt very safe with Nathalie, partly by being able to discuss any fears with her and because of her ethical values and professional boundaries.   During sessions I do feel a number of different physical sensations including a deep sense of relaxation and I nearly always fall asleep at some stage.  I sometimes get images in my mind that seem to link with deeply felt patterns of emotions and memories.  

What has shifted for me is that deeply entrenched and limiting patterns of tension in my body are slowly becoming released, and with this I am feeling a greater sense of self-confidence, lightness, freedom and well-being.  It feel like an ongoing process and Nathalie has been a catalyst for positive change.  

I would wholly recommend energy healing through Nathalie, wether for physical or psychological treatment.  I work as a mental health nurse and find energy healing much more effective than any form of conventional talking therapies"  

R.N. York (UK)

“I started to see Nathalie for energy healing around five years ago and found it very relaxing and gentle. The sessions helped to heal some of the emotional trauma that caused the physical ailments. When Nathalie began the sham yoga group I felt ready to begin some deeper healing and to explore my spirituality. 

Nathalie has combined her knowledge of different spiritual practices and has produced a very unique and special class which involves grounding, opening chakras and undergoing a shamanic journey from a safe and secure place. Each class makes me feel at peace and feels very special. It helps equip me with the tools I need to overcome different challenges in my life.  

I have recommended the group to close friends and family and they have really valued the compassionate nature of Nathalie’s classes.”

H.J.S. (Germany)

"I got to know Nathalie in 2011, during her last year of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe.

Her presence, coupled with high sensitivity and a pronounced High Sense Perception, have impressed me very much right from the beginning.

Nathalie's healing abilities are excellent.   I have experienced those abilities many times over the years during collegial exchanges, long distance, using Skype."

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