About Nathalie


I was born and raised in Belgium where I attended University in Ghent.  I studied veterinary medicine for six years and obtained my DVM (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine) degree in 1992. 

After graduating, I moved to the UK within a few months and have been working in the UK as a veterinary surgeon ever since.

In 1999, after three and a half years study with the Open University and whilst working full time, I obtained my MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.  

Shortly after receiving my MBA, I started negotiating the purchase of a practice and bought Aire Veterinary Centre in Leeds in 2001, which is a small animal veterinary clinic.  I ran this successfully as a sole owner for 16 years.  

Whilst working at this practice, I also obtained a Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2004 and practiced veterinary acupuncture alongside regular veterinary medicine. 

Barbara Brennan School of Healing

In 2008, whilst still working full time as a veterinary surgeon, I enrolled at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe (Austria).

At the time, I felt that the information from the Acupuncture Course had been insufficient to explain, Chi, Life Force or Vital Energy.  I didn't particularly want to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine at the time and opted instead to learn more about Energy and how that relates to the body by attending the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

During the four years at the Barbara Brennan School, I learned an awful lot more than just about Energy.  I learned to work with this Energy without needles, I learned to track the Energy of the people I was working with, the power of Intent in healing work and in daily life.  

I met a whole bunch of great teachers and students, people willing to be honest & vulnerable, willing to give feedback on how the healing work was affecting them.  As a group, we learned to work with different levels of Consciousness and with entities that are affecting people and places.  

Another part of the curriculum was to explore, use and get feedback on long-distance healings with each other.  When you're not used to this concept, it seems pretty weird that someone can sit in the UK for example and that someone else in Belgium can physically feel the healing taking place.  The group work at the Brennan School gave us the confidence we needed to know that something was happening long-distance and it wasn't a "mind-thing", it wasn't an ungrounded fantasy of healing work.

I graduated from the Barbara Brennan School in 2012 but left with a lot of still unanswered questions in my quest of knowing how things worked & regarding what I was perceiving and feeling.  

At the time, I had the option of continuing the program at the Brennan School of Healing for another couple of years .   I felt at the time that this wasn't going to help me further by using the same model for another few years, a model that hadn't answered my questions after four years.  So it was time to move on. 


After leaving the Barbara Brennan School, still having questions, I enrolled on a three year transformational program with Patricia White Buffalo.

I felt comfortable signing up as I had attended several of her workshops prior to joining her program.  I knew that Patricia also used to teach at the Barbara Brennan School prior to setting up her own school.  Patricia's way of teaching conveys a unique understanding of the power of Shamanism and she also encouraged us to find our own unique healing style.  What was also present, which wasn’t the case at the Barbara Brennan School, was that Patricia had appointed Amita as the Spiritual Director of her course.  Amita was leading the meditations for the groups during the final year of training, deepening the experience for all involved.

Those years were truly transformational in many ways.  I found that I resonated strongly with Shamanism and started to integrate this more in healings.  The healing sessions as a result felt to be a lot more powerful and safer for all involved by integrating the shamanic techniques and prayers with the Brennan work.

During the three year program, I became aware of some energetic sensations during the shamanic journeying that Patricia had no answer for nor did any of the other healers I contacted about this.  

Finally, I was back with the healer & Hawaiian Shaman from the Barbara Brennan School with whom I had my first experience of shamanic healing work and soul retrieval.  

This first shamanic session had left quite a mark on me whilst I was still at the Brennan School.  The increase in energy & awareness after the soul retrieval had astonished me at the time.   Now I found myself turning again to this healer, Kahea Morgan, whilst I was exploring shamanism.  

She referred me to a Kundalini Yoga practitioner in the US to help me progress further.  Under Mary Pargas' expert guidance, I started practicing Kundalini Yoga alongside Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrievals.

In October 2016, upon completion of the three year program, I joined the  Vision Quest with a group of shamanic students, which was organised and led by Patricia White Buffalo.  

For three days & nights we were each in our own space, with our tent, in the Californian Desert.  It was a time of prayer, meditation & fasting for three days whilst waiting for a Vision.  This was a profound experience, one which is still unfolding. 


Before leaving for the Vision Quest in October 2016, I submitted my application to PKYC (Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care) in Knoxville, Tennessee, US, to see whether I would qualify for an intensive spiritual retreat.

This was confirmed when I had my intake with Joan Harrigan, the spiritual director of PKYC (US).   Shortly after this session with her, I booked my intensive retreat with PKYC for December 2016.

During those few weeks of intensive yoga practice, I could feel how I finally made the shift I had longed for.  I felt I had finally come home!    The niggling restlessness and ongoing questions had been answered during that retreat.  As a result of this retreat and expert guidance from Joan Harrigan, I felt a lot more peace and felt much more settled.  

I feel eternally grateful to PKYC and Joan Harrigan for being able to answer my questions and for pointing me in the right direction. 

This ancient Vedic Lineage, with its Knowledge and Spiritual Science (dare I say Spiritual Anatomy & Physiology)  is an immense, hidden gem.   It has taken me a very long time to find this gem and it was wholeheartedly worth the whole journey over the last 10 years.  It has been such a blessing!! 

2017 and beyond.....

During the last year of my Shamanic training I sensed, before the referendum, that something was afoot and that it would have a major impact on my life in the UK.  I had felt the same kind of shakiness when I nearly was made redundant when still working in Leeds as an employee.

I guessed, ahead of time, that the referendum would turn out in a Brexit vote and wrote to government to find out what my rights would be in the UK if the vote was for Brexit.  The response I received was pretty clear.  The Brexit vote didn't surprise me when it came and I felt surprisingly calm about it all.  However, being in a place of change, I consulted different people.   Only after my visit to PKYC, with the experience of a significant shift,  did I consider the possibility of selling my business seriously, even though I had thought about it before.   

In April 2017, after consulting my accountant, I decided to sell my veterinary practice as a first step in my plan to leave the UK.  

Having been at the helm of Aire Veterinary Centre for 16 years as a sole owner and manager had taught me a lot about Leadership; how to turn a failing business and derelict building around; how to manage staff; how to manage client expectations & how to comply with Health & Safety as well as Regulatory demands.  I applied a lot of the spiritual teachings, especially in the latter years, within the management of the practice and practiced Surrender and Trust rather than control and over-analysing.

The process of selling my veterinary business completed at the end of September 2017 and I continued to work as an employee for the new company for another six month.  

Needing a few months of rest to recover from an exhausting period of transition, I am now in a sabbatical year.   During this year, I intend to continue healing work in its different forms and refurbish my home ahead of a sale hopefully at the end of this year.  

The next step isn't formed yet and it doesn't need to be.  To stay in a Void, the Void from which all Creation starts, is a wonderful place to stay in.  My life will unfold from this Void when the time is ripe and in the form it needs to.    The last 10 years have prepared me for this "not knowing" and to feel very comfortable with it.  I am a great believer in the Divine Plan and that everything unfolds as it needs to and when it's ready to.

Many blessings to you on your journey!