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Caring About You


Living your full potential is difficult unless your body, emotions, mind, intellect and Spirit are in harmony.   

Being happy for no reason is Bliss and Bliss is our birth right!

Ark Healing offers coaching, hands-on healing as well as meditation/ShamYoga/teachings on a variety of subjects from the physical to the causal.  

Healing Work


Healing happens in so many ways at different levels of awareness at varying times. 

I am but a conduit, a catalyst, for your healing.  

Your Soul is my director.  

The Healing sessions are based on energy healing techniques learned at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing as well as Shamanic Techniques learned from Patricia White Buffalo.  

However, the deepest aspect of all is the power of Prayer during the healing work for deep soul healing to manifest.





The Teaching Sessions are based on a mix of Vedic/Upanishad Sacred Knowledge (from India), Yoga and Shamanic Knowledge & Techniques as well as Scientific/Psychology underpinnings.    

Sciences such as Quantum Physics, Fractals, Trans-personal psychology, Child development and other systems such as the Chakra system and Meditation Techniques are explored.

Aside from Teachings offered, for those clients who do not wish any teachings but are more "experience" oriented, Meditation and ShamYoga classes are offered, without teachings. 



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Ark Healing Service Locations 2019

In person Healing sessions are held at HEART, Headingley in Leeds, UK 

Long-distance healing/group sessions are available anywhere in the world, using Zoom/Skype.  

If you'd like a healing session (or group session with others) and can't see a suitable appointment, please send me a message and I'll see what I can do! 

Please contact Nathalie Declunder at contact@arkhealing.com with any queries.

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Ark Healing in Leeds

Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre, Bennett Road, Leeds, LS6 3HN



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